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Jennifer Cook, NMLS ID 95997
Jennifer has over 10 years mortgage banking experience. She has helped many people achieve their goal of homeownership. Whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced in real estate, Jennifer has a solid understanding of the local market and will guide you through the home buying process with quality service and individual attention.

NFM, Inc. embodies all of the qualities that people look for in a mortgage lender. We operate under a strict code of ethics and values aimed at building customer trust and loyalty. In the age of "big banking" and volatile interest rates, we make the customer's needs our top priority by focusing on their financial benefit. That is what makes NFM America's Common Sense Lender. Practical solutions and personal service -- no lender will work harder to meet your needs.
NFM, Inc. was founded in historic Baltimore, Maryland in 1998. We have since grown from a local brokerage firm to a national Lender with multiple offices throughout the United States. Featured in Inc 500 Magazine as one of the leading privately-held companies, NFM is continuing on this fast-track by providing a variety of loan products for diverse borrower needs. Our company's biggest strong point is the ability to maintain a customer-centric focus while increasing in size.